jeudi 22 septembre 2011

My new computer

As well as my new screen, my old computer and my old screen.
Desk is as clean as it will ever be, so I'm taking some pictures, to remember how it was in a few years ^^

Pretty geeky setup, you would think. Maybe, but it's also very efficient :
- there is a KVM you barely see on the top of the left tower to switch between the 2 computers. The old one controls the screen on the left, the new one controls both screens. Not like I often boot the old computer nowadays anyway.
- The hard drive you see on the right is connected to the freebox server and adds 1 To to the NAS server hosted by the freebox. To come, a true RAID1 NAS server. No idea where I'll put it though, maybe against the wall.
- The glasses come from the NVIDIA 3D vision kit. I was happily surprised by the rendered quality in some games (HL2, Dragon's Age, WoW), so I don't regret the buy.

All in one, I'm actually proud of myself on this one :)

Installation of the new computer went well, around 2 hours from receiving the (heavy) packages to finishing the install of Windows 7, all drivers included. Everything works well, or so it looks like. Maybe some  issues with USB3.0, but not really game breaking at the time being. It'll wait until I actually have a USB3.0 device to plug in.
I've no idea what I'll do with 2 To of RAID0 space, time will tell I guess. The SSD drive works amazingly well, Windows boots in no time - not the system, the BIOS startup is actually quite long, with the RAID0 and the big GFX card - and once booted everything goes superfast.

Now I won't have to change computer for well, at least 2 years ! Okay, maybe 3 or 4...

3 commentaires:

  1. LOL @ the purpose of taking a picture! I like the way you set up your new computer: it's easy to manage, and you can immediately spot what the problem is. Well, I hope your new PC serves you well, and I hope it lasts for four or more years. :)

  2. Accomplishing something all by yourself is definitely something to be proud of, especially if that achievement concerns something as technical as this. High five! :D Customizing your unit is very clever. You wouldn’t just get convenience and comfort but also bragging rights. Ha-ha!

    Lance Vartanian

  3. Kudos for doing such a great job with that setup! Knowing how to customize your own computer is a great advantage, since if you wish to upgrade your pc, you can instantly do it. I’m sure your computer will last longer because you just know your thing so well.